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Who we are


HawaiiByAir is a professional aerial photography and cinematography team based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our team is a group of avid drone and flying robot specialists with well over a decade of RC plane experience.

Together we established our parent company SkyeCamProductions in Baltimore, Maryland back in 2013 becoming industry leaders in the world of aerial drone photography before expanding to our origins in the beautiful islands of Hawaii where we are today.

What we do


Gone are the days of the high cost and inefficient aerial photography through the use of the fossil fuel burners known as helicopters and in are the days of flexible drone based technology capable of achieving altitudes and camera angles never doable before.

HawaiiByAir specializes in low-cost aerial photography and cinematography for real estate, construction, weddings, surfing competitions, agriculture, rescue, special events and more. If there is an angle from the air that needs to be filmed, we are there.

With a background in professional editing and PhotoShop we are able to provide complimentary color and lens correction and stitching as part of all of our packages.

Recently we have added an option for customers to purchase a 3D printed model of a property or structure with the assistance of our drones. By taking hundreds of photos from multiple angles, we are able to construct a real physical 3D representation in whatever material you desire. Check out our blog section for more details on how we do this.

In the future we hope to be able to add thermal cameras to our flying crafts to aid in search and rescue operations throughout the world. Together with news agencies we hope to provide an alternative to helicopter based live news feeds on events with a drone based alternative.

How we do it


We use the latest technology in multi-rotors, or more commonly referred to by the masses as drones. They fly autonomously while we are in in full control and within line-of-sight at all times.

With our state of the art gimbals, the systems used to control the axis and pitch of the attached camera systems we are able to achieve perfectly level and smooth aerial photography and video.

Our advanced models have built in global positioning systems (GPS) receivers allowing us to maintain a steady position regardless of wind or weather. This technology also allows us to flexibly program precise GPS guided routes for very specific applications.

Also, our cameras broadcast a real time video feed wirelessly to an electronic device on the ground, so that we can see exactly what the camera says at any point in time.

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