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Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate in Hawaii

News, Products • 14th Sep, 14 • 0 Comments

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As the modern home-buyer has evolved into a digital shopper, with statistics from ‘Digital House Hunt’ indicating that 90% of home buyers have searched online during the home buying process and 28% have used their mobile phones, it is very clear that high quality photography is an essential component to selling real estate.

Benefits in the Air

Unfortunately regular ground photography is incapable of showcasing luxury property to its highest potential. For years real estate agents have patched this issue by resorting to aerial photography services reliant upon helicopter and small aircraft. Not only is this option very impractical economically but additionally the photographs and video taken are limited by poor stabilization, elevation and space inflexibility (these types of aircraft are incapable of flying at low altitudes and over certain terrain) and time. The birth of the drone has resolved the main issues with aerial photography for real estate by providing higher quality photography and video at a fraction of the cost of the previously available services.

Minutes to Takeoff

Within minutes of arriving at the location of a house, the drone can be airborne, perform multiple takes of a shot without being constrained by a limited fuel time, and reach any angle or altitude desired by the agent. Hawaii is a place of beauty with homes that deserve to be showcased properly.

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